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We represent clients both privately and on the Free Legal Aid scheme before the District Court. Our Family law solicitors deals with the following areas of practice before the District Court, Circuit Court and the High Court.



There are a number options available to separating couples who to formalise and regulate their affairs after a relationship has broken down. Separation agreements, Judicial separation and divorce and in rare cases, a nullity decree. We can also assist you in dissolving a Civil Partnership or enforcing your rights under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010.


Some people may not be aware that unmarried fathers (and the non-biological parent in same sex couples) are not automatically Guardians of their children and may need to make an application to the Court to become a Guardian in order to acquire parental rights. There may also be certain circumstances which arise where one parent may need to apply for sole guardianship or custody, or a change in a custody arrangement. Parents and Grandparents can also apply for access in circumstances where the parent who the child lives with is not permitting the other person to see the child as much as they would like or at all.


If you have suffered any act of violence or threatening behaviour from a partner, ex or spouse then you can get protection from the Courts and Gardai. Remedies available are Protection Orders (temporary Safety Orders), Safety orders, Barring orders and a protection order. If you are worried and need support we can recommend the following organisaions:

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