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If you have been to a hospital or doctor in Ireland and you have suffered an injury due to mistreatment or lack of care then you may be able to seek compensation. However medical negligence claims* can be more complex than typical personal injury claims* and as such the Injuries Board has no jurisdiction in regard to medical negligence claims. 

As its difficult to prove medical negligence it is advisable to seek legal advise to get a better understanding of the nature of your injury or illness claim*. At John O’Leary Solicitors we can assist you, so please don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation.


Failure to act on test results

This issue involves healthcare professionals not taking appropriate action upon receiving test results. It includes situations where abnormal test results, such as blood tests, X-rays, or biopsies, are not properly reviewed, communicated, or acted upon.

Surgical errors

Surgical errors encompass mistakes made during surgical procedures. These errors can involve various aspects of surgery, including incisions, tissue manipulation, and organ removal or repair.

Failure to diagnose cancer

Failure to diagnose cancer involves healthcare providers not identifying cancer in a timely manner. Early detection is crucial for effective treatment, and delays in diagnosis can significantly impact a patient's prognosis.

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