Special Damages

What are special damages?

During the course of your personal injuries/medical negligence case your solicitor will ask you to gather up receipts for your out of pocket expenses, also known as Special Damages. 

These expenses include loss of earnings (these will ideally need to be certified by your employer), GP attendances, physiotherapy, medication, travel (fare or petrol used to attend appointments etc – this would include taxis where needed) and other expenses incurred as a result of your injury. 

It is very important to keep your receipts for these items as they are usually paid on top of any settlement amount, or used to increase the settlement amount in negotiations. 

Other items may also include car repairs (although these are often dealt with separate to your case), replacement car seats, bicycles, or other property damaged in the incident.

We can also look into a future loss of earnings claim for you, depending on the circumstances. 

If you have a query as to whether an expense is recoverable please feel free to contact your solicitor to discuss.

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